Celebrating 40 years of Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta 40 Years

This year marks the fortieth anniversary of Ford Fiesta. To pay tribute we take a look back over the years at some of the most iconic models. Ford Fiesta and 1976 We thought we would start looking back to 1976. Many will remember 76 for its summer, the UK saw temperatures of over 32c for… Read more »

Where is the Ford Fiesta made?

Ford Fiesta Production

Anyone who has owned a Ford Fiesta will know that they are remarkably well built but where do Ford actually produce its small hatchback? Since 1976 Ford has successfully manufactured the Fiesta across the globe, now in its seventh generation the Fiesta has been manufactured in Europe, India, China, Taiwan, Mexico, Argentina, Thailand, Brazil and… Read more »

Ford Fiesta Motor Sport: A Brief History of M-Sport


Ford Fiestas are safe, economical and reliable city cars. They are ideal for people looking to buy a first car or for those who simply want to enjoy the low running costs of this small hatch. However, there’s a company that decided that the loveable Fiesta was also suited for another purpose, M-Sport and they favoured the… Read more »